Me Like Bees

Me Like Bees

GOODING, Carter Hulsey

Sat. September 1, 2018

9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Me Like Bees
Me Like Bees
Me Like Bees is an indie/alternative rock band fromJoplin, Missouri and is made up of Pete Burton (lead guitar),Nick Bynum (bass), Luke Sheafer (vocals/guitar), andTimothy Cote (drums).

Formed in May of 2009, the group has developed their sound with influences from bands such as Modest Mouse,Arcade Fire and The White Stripes. The "Me Like Bees" sound, like many of their influences, is based upon the idea of moving music forward with interesting and simple melodies. Although simple, the band maintains the listeners' attention using irregular dynamics and asymmetric song structure. The group takes a quality control approach to songwriting, with each member bringing their own creative ideals to every aspect of the process.

The lyrics of Me Like Bees music are both thought provoking and entertaining, with a wide range of themes. Many of their songs discuss matters of inner turmoil, and relate to issues like guilt and doubt.Sheafer is known for his creative wording and unique use of syllables; often times giving a positive spin on what would otherwise be depressing subject matter. His singing style has been said to be a cross between Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse and Jack White of the White Stripes.
GOODING is soul-stirring, animated Rock ‘n’ Roll from the plains. With over 1,000 shows in 160 cities under their belt, this Los Angeles-based/Kansas-bred four-piece is by far one of the hardest-working bands in America.

The band – which includes Gooding (Guitarist/Singer/band namesake), Erin O’Neill (guitar/vocals), Jesse Rich (drums) and Billy Driver (bass) – blasts a majestic, soul-stirring indie rock with soaring harmonies and blazing guitars – infused with the ghosts of Blues and Americana. Their live shows have the confident energy and heart-on-your-sleeve emotion that echo the closeness and passion of these longtime friends.

Playing to passionate audiences, lead guitarist/singer Gooding tears up the stage, leaving sticks and strings all over. One of Gooding’s signature moments on stage is playing two guitars at once. GOODING’s relentless touring and honest interaction with their fans has enabled them to build their following brick-by-brick over the years without the support of a major label.

Gooding’s music has been placed on the DVDs of Iron Man 2, Walk the Line, Ice Age 2, as well as in commercials for Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler. Their efforts have now caught the attention of sponsors such as Financial Advisory Group Raymond James, who have teamed with GOODING to perform their music and talk to high school students about financial literacy.

Says Gooding, “The band has paid its dues with stolen gear, vans breaking down and catching fire, cooking ramen in the coffee pot at Motel 6, all night drives through black ice and tornados, shows with broken bones, no sleep, and no clean clothes. Each and every setback only made us more of a family. A real band was made to play live on the road, and this extended family was made to have their mettle tested to get through anything together. Our efforts have allowed us to slowly and naturally become who we are, and amass a catalog of music and dedicated fans that are the core of everything we do.”

The band has played in the 48 continental states in the USA, western Canada, and toured the United Kingdom in 2014 & 2015.

Gooding was also a speaker/panelist at the SXSW in 2013, 2014 and 2015.
Carter Hulsey
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