End of the Middle Ages

End of the Middle Ages

Tejon Street Corner Thieves, Rock Bottom String Band, The Pre-Existing Conniptions

Tue. May 29, 2018

9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

May 29th, 1453 is considered by many historians to be the end of the Middle Ages and therefore, the beginning of the Renaissance. Because of this, many people decided to celebrate and give gifts. Come celebrate with us! Feel free to bring gifts or buy some of ours! (aka merch) $5 at the door.

9 PM The Pre-Existing Conniptions
10 PM Rock Bottom String Band
11 PM Tejon Street Corner Thieves
12 AM FastFoodJunkies

Fast Food Junkies
Fast Food Junkies
The Fast Food Junkies, from McPherson, Kansas, have shared an incredible chemistry since the Fall of 2004, when they first formed. In this short amount of time, they have played around 75 shows in Kansas and put out one album: 'Grumpyland'. Clint Snyder, Dave Crawford, and Landon Unruh have all come from heavy metal backgrounds to embrace a new movement: progressive bluegrass.

Landon, the incredibly speedy banjo picker, was formerly an electric guitarist while his childhood friend, Dave, played the drums with him in a metal band called 'Cyler'. About 7 years ago, Landon picked up the banjo which prompted Dave to thump out his rhythms on an upright bass. As Landon and Dave jammed on the dirt roads of the Walnut Valley Festival a couple of years ago, they met Clint, another passionate musician who tied everything together with his strong vocals, guitar playing and epic songwriting. Together, they merged into a metal-based, driving bluegrass sound with hints of country, rock, folk and definetely humor.

Fast Food Junkies have 35 original songs so far, ranging from ballads of moonshine feuds and Irish immigration to comic accounts of warped loves and the McDonald's drive thru. One song inparticular, 'To the Pimp', takes Landon's life-theatening accident and makes it a story of heroism and sacrifice. In July of 2005, Landon caught on fire working on an old derby car. Thankfully, his father was there to put the gasoline fire out with his own bare hands. They were both badly burned and Landon wondered if he would ever be able to play the banjo the same way as before. After weeks of excruciating pain from 3rd degree burns on his belly and 2nd degree burns on his arms and hands, he slowly picked the banjo with his bandaged fingers. Within a month, he was playing better than he ever. It seems the spirit of this band is only made stonger. Some of the band's favorite past gigs are Stage 5 at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS, The Bottleneck and The Granada both in Lawrence, KS, and their hometown gig at Shaggy's. The band has just finished recording their second album with the bluegrass sensation Mike West. They are also collaborating with the Tulsa based bluegrass band, PoDank, for another album. The band's favorite influences are Alice In Chains, Old Crow Medicine Show, Mike West, Primus, and Hank Williams, Jr. One thing's for sure, good original music is the Fast Food Junkies' passion and you can hear it when they play.
Tejon Street Corner Thieves
Tejon Street Corner Thieves
Tejon Street Corner Thieves is a fast-paced trashgrass and blues band from Colorado. Original songs and a high energy show keep crowds partying as hard as the band themselves. Don't miss a chance to see TSCT!
Rock Bottom String Band
Rock Bottom String Band
Rock Bottom String Band is a high energy band born from a series of backyard jam sessions in January of 2013. Many different musical styles inspire our group: Traditional Bluegrass, Punk, Roots, and Folk just name a few.
The Pre-Existing Conniptions
Informative, atmospheric, thrash grass band performs songs about existential crises and SCIENCE! To provide information about voter registration and local causes/organizations in hopes of ending discrimination, mass incarceration, regulations, and our nation’s rapid declination. We are all cogs in a machine. What little we can do becomes everything if we all work together. The goal is to provide a wide array of information on ways we can be a cog in our community.
Venue Information:
608 E. Douglas Ave
Wichita, KS, 67202