Al Holliday and the East Side Rhythm Band

Al Holliday and the East Side Rhythm Band

Sat. January 13, 2018

7:00 pm (event ends at 9:00 pm)


This event is 21 and over

Al Holliday and the East Side Rhythm Band
Al Holliday and the East Side Rhythm Band
St. Louis' own Al Holliday & The East Side Rhythm Band plays the soulful Rhythm and Blues - with a feeling! The name of this band pays tribute to the burning Rhythm and Blues music that has come from our beloved Metro-East. This band is deeply influenced by this music, along with classic Soul, and the music of New Orleans. They take all of these things, and do their very own, natural thing - consecrated with a tinge of musical "hip"-ness.

The East Side Rhythm Band is built on the rock-solid, foundation rhythm section of Neil Ghanti and Caleb Klinger. Rolling deep with a battery of Horn players - set this band up, and let them blow! Over the top of the whole thing, Al Holliday testifies, and there is not one jive bone in that man's body.

Al Holliday and The East Side Rhythm Band bring you the finest soulful rhythm music. Inspired by the musical stylings of legendary artists hailing from New Orleans, Memphis, Chicago, and St. Louis, the group brilliantly blends blues, funk, R&B and soul into a sound they can call their own. This talented and powerful group of young musicians bring to life that old school sound that carries melodious tunes over a heavy groove creating a spirit penetrating and soul serenading sound.

"He sings with a depth and grit and twang not usually found in the metro area, and his comfort with Chicago blues, big-band soul and barrelhouse piano shows scholarship beyond his years. His voice is just growl-y enough that listeners may write it off as a pastiche of Randy Newman, or Joe Cocker, or Fats Domino, or some amalgam of all three. It may be, but Holliday owns it and uses it to sell these familiar-sounding tunes."

"The benchmark sound here is very much derived from pre-Meters New Orleans R&B, the type of stuff Dr. John might have sat in on...Holliday supplements his East Side Rhythm Band with those omnipresent Funky Butt Brass Band horns, swelling the horn section to seven players at times...Every so often the band takes it back up the Delta to Memphis...."

"Holliday certainly has the capability to take this little slice of R&B and make it his own."

-- Riverfront Times --

"Illinois native Al Holliday traffics in the sort of timeless soul music that lifts the heart and drops a funky hammer. Holliday's keyboard-laden tunes mix the best elements of R&B, old-school blues, soul, funk and jazz in an incredibly winsome way. "

-- Columbia Tribune --
Venue Information:
608 E. Douglas Ave
Wichita, KS, 67202