Cattle Decapitation (Presented by Third String Prod KS)

Cattle Decapitation (Presented by Third String Prod KS)

Parallax, Bridegeist

Sun. February 19, 2017

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$18.00 - $20.00

This event is 21 and over

Cattle Decapitation
Cattle Decapitation
You don't name your band Cattle Decapitation if you're looking to subtly insinuate your way into the consciousness of the masses. Equally, unleashing some of the most intense, horrifying, and extreme metal known to mankind will not ingratiate you with those of a sensitive nature, for the San Diegan's boundary-pushing music is designed to turn heads and snap necks, and not necessarily in that order. No band has been more focused, more aggressive, or more determined to get in the faces of those who erroneously believe they have already experienced the band at their extreme best with each and every release.
Hailing from the River City of Wichita, Kansas, Parallax have forged their brutal and original sound, deep in the trenches of the mid-west's metal scene, on the shoulders of virtuoso musicians, who together represent the last decade of regional metal.

Since it's incarnation at the end of 2015, the group have shared the stage with the likes of Whitechapel, Fit For a King, The Plot In You, Enterprise Earth, and Motograter. The band have also recently jumped on as a sponsored band for the always growing, COLDCOCK Whiskey, joining other sponsored artists such as, Upon A Burning Body, Atreyu, iwrestledabearonce, and Sevendust.

In April of 2016 the debut EP, In the Path of a Cannibalistic Galaxy was released worldwide. This EP represents a re-birth of sorts for the band, with the source material having been worked on for over a year, and becoming what is now known as Parallax. The first two singles to be released, "Burden", and "Dedicated Self Destruction", were mixed and mastered by Ill NiƱo/ex-Machine Head guitarists Ahrue Luster in Denver, CO at Illustrious Productions.

With brutal staccato guitar-wizardry; soul-crushing vocals; a hell-storm of complex, imposing drums; Earth-shattering bass tones, and a live show which is unequaled in energy or intensity; Parallax hits the road to deliver brutal tones to cities across the United States, with no rear view mirror, and a lead foot permanently fixed to the throttle.
Doom Metal from Wichita, KS
Venue Information:
608 E. Douglas Ave
Wichita, KS, 67202