Upcoming Events:

Fri(8/1) Lilly/Bad Acid Gas Station
Sat(8/2) The BlackBird Revue​​
Thur(8/7) Jacob Furr
Thur(8/14) ​Dark Two Sunshine
Fri(8/15) Brutal Bear Band​
Mon(8/18) Berwanger/Archie Powell/The Benders
Fri(8/22) Tom Page/North Platte​
Sat(8/23) Slime Flower
Sat(8/30) Honest Ape​​​​/The Benders
Thur(9/4) An American Forrest/Bevelers
S​at(9/6) FutureHorse
Sun(9/7) The Joy Coughs/The Shidiots/Sky Chief
Fri(9/12) Tornado Rose​ "Warm up for Winfield" show
Fri(9/19) Iron Octomoms/Living Ghost/Post Boy/Robby Young
Sat(9/20) The Famous Times/Dear Red Shoes​​
Thur (9/25) Jason and the Punknecks​
Fri(9/26) Dolls on Fire​
Sat(9/27) Deciders/FalseFlag/Tom Page Trio
Tue(9/30) Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats​
Sat(10/11) The Tits/Japanesse Game Show
Fri(10/17) Brutal Bear Band
Tue(10/21) Miss Massive Snowflake/Jordan Dee Minnis
Thur(10/23) ​Prom Date/Animal Parade/Acid Gas Station
Sat(10/25) Thunderosa/Comic Wolf​
Upcoming Events
Reoccurring Events:

              Open Mic w/ Bryce (every Mon)

              Trivia Slam w/ Curt (every Wed)
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